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Hair care

Find out your hair texture for proper care

Every one’s hair is as individual as a fingerprint. It varies from person to person in terms of color, texture, body and bounce. Hair grows from an indentation or pocket in the skin known as the follicle. At the bottom of the follicle is the hair papilla which is continuously producing cells. These cells are pushed up and out of the follicle and as they move upwards they harden until they emerge as hard keratin, a protein that makes hair.

Hair texture is defined as the measure of the radius of the hair strand itself. It varies from individual to individual and is different in various areas of the same head. The four major hair textures are normal, dry, greasy and combination type. Within these textures, the hair can also be thick, thin or medium in density and can be straight, curly or wavy. This can also be changed by the use of conditioners, straightness, crimpers, curlers etc. If you are looking to change the texture of your hair completely, you must consult a good hairdresser who can advise you on using the right chemicals that are likely to benefit your hair.

Hair textures and the right care

Normal hair: It has a healthy natural bounce and sheen. It is neither greasy nor dry and is easily manageable. There are a number of ways to take proper care of it, prevent damage, keep it healthy and enhance its beauty. Proper oiling, washing and conditioning lead to luxuriant hair.

Dry hair: This type of hair is usually caused by external factors such as perming, exposing the hair to excess heat, bleaching, use of strong shampoos, frequent washing, coloring and the intake of unhealthy diet. Dry hair invariably has split ends and is always coarse in texture. It needs frequent deep conditioning and treatment. Oil treatment of the scalp using almond, olive or coconut oil significantly improves this condition. Protein rinse is also a great remedy for solving this problem.

Greasy hair: This is also known as oily hair and is caused by hormonal imbalances during adolescence or menopause. Environmental conditions like weather and humidity also contribute to this problem. Greasy hair looks dull, lank and cannot be styled easily. This type of hair requires frequent shampooing by using a mild shampoo. The ends of the hair require conditioning once a week.

Combination hair: This type of hair is very greasy at the scalp but is extremely dry or split at the ends. This condition can be rectified by using more conditioner at the ends of the hair. Individuals with combination hair must try to avoid a high intake of fried and spicy food stuffs. Chocolates and sweets must also be scrapped from the diet.

General hair care

Healthy looking hair has a smooth, tight cuticle layer that prevents the inner cortex from drying out. This layer allows the hair to maintain its moisture balance and promotes elasticity, strength and shine. Hair damage is characterized by uplifted cuticle scales resulting in dullness and decreased shine leading to brittle cuticles. Damaged hair is dry, weak and hard to manage. In order to manage the hair and maintain its health the following tips come in handy.

  • always use a thermal protector while exposing the hair to heat.
  • never blow dry the hair completely dry. it is always better to air dry the hair and leave moisture.
  • using a conditioner with uv protectors prevents damage from sun.
  • it is advisable to use a low or no ammonia hair color in order to avoid the harmful affect of chemicals on hair.
  • never brush or comb wet or damp hair.
  • clean your hair after a swim.
  • include vitamin d, a, b and cod liver oil in your diet.
  • consume a high protein diet rich in chicken, fish, nuts, liver, cottage cheese, green vegetables etc.
  • 10g of gelatin dissolved in 1 glass of tomato juice will help your scalp and health.

Beautiful hair flatters your features, face, and skin. It is an inseparable part of your personality and enhances your good looks. It is essential to take care of your hair based on the hair texture, length and type in order to enhance its sheen and glory.

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