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How to strengthen weak hair

You want thick, vigorous hair? From tools to the right products, follow our advice to give your hair new energy.

A strong, bright and shining hair is the result of constant care. Like the skin, in fact, hair needs attention and a targeted beauty routine to look its best. If your hair is particularly weak, with a tendency to fall out or break, follow our advice to restore it to its original splendour.

Start with nutrition

A healthy lifestyle is the key to strong, resilient hair. Be careful to integrate the right vitamins into your daily diet, which must be balanced and rich in fruit and vegetables – preferably seasonal and raw to better assimilate all nutrients.

To prevent hair loss and strengthen your hair, fill your hair with essential fatty acids, omega 3, 6 and 9, mineral salts such as potassium and magnesium and B vitamins.

Did you know that vitamin A prevents dandruff and dryness while vitamin E promotes blood circulation even on the scalp by stimulating healthy hair growth? C can also promote the beauty and health of the hair because it acts on the absorption of iron, which is essential to prevent hair loss.

With regard to the much talked about biotin – vitamin H is considered by many to be a valuable aid in cases of hair loss – it seems that in reality it is not very helpful in hair treatment. Recent studies have shown that there is not enough scientific evidence to say that biotin is really effective in hair growth.

An extra help during season changes

In the changing seasons, hair often weakens. In spring and autumn, take special care of your diet, possibly using multivitamin supplements after consulting your doctor.

As for your hair routine, increase the number of masks or wraps once to twice a week to give your hair a boost of shine. Treatment should be intensified especially in September, as in summer hair is particularly stressed by frequent washing, sun, salt and chlorine.

Beware of heat and styling tools

High temperatures are the worst enemy of your hair: using the hair dryer too close to the hair ruins and weakens the structure. In the same way, when you wash your hair, never use too hot water because it helps to wear it out and, when possible, use natural drying (in summer it’s the top!). Beware also of the brush that can ruin the shaft by breaking the fragile cuticles (the outer covering of the hair).

Web: opt for an accessory with natural bristles that untangle the knots delicately and use a wooden comb with wide teeth to comb and untangle the hair.

The reason? When hair is wet, it tends to break more easily.

Plates and irons: how to use them

The first rule is to use them only occasionally by setting them to the minimum temperature and using them only on dry hair, shortening the shutter speed as much as possible. Never forget to apply a specific thermo-protector product to limit the damage caused by heat.

The extra beauty tip: never wear your hair tied for too long but leave it loose during the night to allow the scalp to oxygenate at best

The best hair routine to strengthen your hair

Finally, here are some tips to make your hair shinier and healthier looking.

  • Apply a pack based on natural vegetable oils once a week: it is useful to strengthen and revitalize particularly stressed and damaged hair
  • Choose a delicate shampoo and opt for a rich, nourishing conditioner that you can keep in place for a few minutes after shampooing.
  • Spray a leave-in spray with natural oils before drying for extra pampering of the hair. Limits washes, avoiding daily cleansing that could ruin the hydro-lipid film that covers the hair.
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