Sunday, September 19, 2021

Jessica Simpson Hairstyles: Devine and Sexy Curls

Popular Jessica Simpson Hairstyles

Sexy Side Swept Bangs

At the 55th Annual BMI Country Awards, Simpson’s hairstyle was really divine. In the style, the singer-actress trimmed her long tresses into layers up to her mid-lengths for balance and shape. The sexy side swept bangs were added to compliment her facial features perfectly.

Long Locks

Simpson looks fantastic with her very long locks. In this style, she gets layers framing her face. The back section is also layered. The layered cut creates plenty of volume around the top portion. If your hair is of medium to thick hair type, this style will work as a great option.

Toned Style

This hairdo is said to be one of the ideal hairstyles for Simpson. In the style, her toned tresses are heavily layered from the top portion to the bottom. This trimming creates plenty of shape for the crown and around her face. For longer face shapes and medium to thick hair types, this style is a perfect option. It also looks great for any occasion. Jessica also uses best hot rollers for fine hair.

Classic Up-Style

In her classic up-style at the Operation Smile 25th Anniversary Gala, Simpson looked ravishing. For the stunning look, she trimmed her hair with the top portion teasing. Her tresses were pinned back to create height while her front section was left out to sweep to the side adding softness to her style. This style is one of the best options for formal occasions.

Smooth and Natural

For this great hairstyle, Simpson trimmed her hair in smooth and natural way. The length was further cut leaving her tresses to fall well below her shoulder blades. Slight layers were added throughout the ends to reduce the bulking up of the thick hair. The variation in color in this style provides a great textured look.

Soft Waves

Simpson sported a very soft hairstyle at the Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Gala. In the style, soft waves were added throughout the lengths of her long hair to add texture while keeping the hairstyle simple. This hairstyle is one of the best options for those with oval facial shapes.

Sexy Curls

In her soft and sexy curls, Simpson looks gorgeous. For the style, she cuts her hair at shoulder length. The ends and mid-lengths are layered to add texture to the hairstyle. Fore those with thin faces, this style is a great option as it adds weight to the sides and helps even the facial structure.

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