Sunday, September 19, 2021

Julia stiles hair styles: funky long-blonde strands

Popular Julia Stiles hairstyles

Funky Style

Stiles kept her hairstyle full and funky at the screening of The Omen. This was one of the hottest hairdos sported by the actress that enhanced her features and overall personality. For this unique style, the actress’ tresses were trimmed up to a length falling just below the shoulder level. In addition to this her short shaped layers were cut around the top portion and side sections. This technique added volume to the top section and enhanced the shape around her beautiful face. With regular trims, this particular style is quite easy to maintain and works well on most occasions.

Blonde Long Layers

With her natural blonde hair cut at the world premiere of United 93 Stiles looked gorgeous. In the style, the length of her blonde hair was left just below the shoulders and the longer layers were cut into the very ends. This cool and relaxed look is great for a casual outing. If you have a natural long cut, this style is a great option for you.

Slight Graduation

Julia Stiles is known to sport a basic medium length bob with fabulous highlights throughout her hair. To create this hairdo, the actress’ tresses are cut with slight graduating layers up to the very ends in order to remove any sort of bulking. It helps to add definition to her beautiful face shape. Her wispy side parted bangs are also added and styled to soften the overall look of the style as well as to enhance her features. This hairstyle is a great option for formal occasions.

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