Sunday, September 19, 2021

Long hairstyles with bangs

If you have a long hair it can be your strength to look beautiful. Maybe you still look great with your naturally-styled of your hair, but you will be boring if you never do anything with your hair. I will give you a great way to make your long hair becomes prettier in creative way, you can add bangs! You can mix your beautiful long hair with some bangs. You can make it quick because it is so easy for you. If your long hair added with bangs, you can get some good hairstyles without sacrificing the length of your hair.

Hairstyles with bangs

These are some hairstyles with bangs that can make your long hair looks great and you can make it easy because this is simple.

Heavy bangs

Heavy textured bangs and curls will make your long hair better. You start to dry your hair and then wrap it around the barrel of a curling iron. After you let your curls, you can separate them by piecing them and put them where you want. Blow-out your bangs by using a round brush to get a better look. You can finish it with a finishing hairspray, now you can look great.

Twisted bangs

This is a fun side twist. Your bangs will serve to soften a style that good for your perform. You also can make it more interesting by using Highlight. You have to begin by blowing your hair after use heat protection spray. For the next step, you can use round brush to smooth bangs in the place that you want. Secure your top half section of hair in the back with bobby pins. Divide your hair into two parts and let one of them fall down, twist the other part around of its outside. Use bobby pins to secure the ends. A light mist of medium hold hairspray will finish it.

Hide behind these deep bangs

Some subtle face framing and deep bangs will soften it and finish your style. First, you have to add a styling cream to damp hair then use a large round brush to blow out your hair. After your hair is dry, smooth any of your renegade hairs by using a flat iron (use it on a very low setting). Use a medium hold hairspray to top it off.

Smooth, dark and rich bangs

If you want to get mysterious looking, this style is perfect for you. You can make this style depends on your desire. Side swept bangs cover either large or just take the edge off of the hairline are good for you. You can make an impression of fresh, healthy and clean from this style. Smooth you hair with a styling product before blow it. After dry, wrap large parts around of a curling iron barrel’s outside. Then smooth over curls and use a soft natural bristle to create the thicker tendrils. Finishing spray will finish it.

Flawlessly deep and side swept

Long smooth hair can be great for you. You will get a best looking with a dark rich color and deeply parted side swept bangs. After your hair is dry, just make sure your hair goes in smoothly instead of bent by using a flat iron.

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