Sunday, September 19, 2021

Prom Makeup Tips

The prom night is probably the biggest night in any teenager’s life. The big day is near and all you want is — to look your very best. There’s nothing more exciting than planning your prom dress, accessories, hairstyle, shoes and makeup. The days are passing by in frenzy. With our prom makeup tips you can look glamorous in a few minutes and transform from a regular girl next door to a hot chick on the block.

The art of wearing prom makeup revolves around keeping a natural look while enhancing your features. You want everything to be perfect. It is essential for you to tame your looks in order to look ravishing. It isn’t all that difficult if you know what you want. One of the simplest ways to begin is to decide upon the look that you want. You could try dressing up like your favorite actress, pop star or celebrity. Another way is to go through half a dozen fashion magazines, go over what is hot, what’s not and put down the basic rules about what you’re going to wear and how you intend dressing up. If you are planning on dressing up for the most unforgettable night of your life on your own, follow these simple and successful prom makeup tips and you might end up becoming the prom queen.

Basic Prom Makeup Tips:

Dress up your eyes or your mouth: One of the biggest makeup disasters people make is that they highlight both the eyes as well as the mouth. The ground rule is to lay emphasis on either the eyes or the lips and get going. One of the easiest ways to figure this one out is by assessing which feature brings you more compliments.

Eyes: Smoky eyes are a great way to enhance your eyes. This look is a big hit at the prom and tends to bring about an air of mystery to your overall personality. You can play with dramatic intense colors such as purple, moss green, turquoise, neon shades blended with subtle hues of gold, champagne silver and grays. Don’t forget to use a black eyeliner and volumizing mascara for a full impact.

Lipstick: Are you planning to go in for a soft pout or a deadly pucker? Red lipstick looks great for proms, so does rose and hot pink. Avoid using matte lipsticks and lip liners. But remember, if you are going for heavy eye makeup then wear nude lip gloss or a subtle shade.

Tone up your skin: Not everyone is blessed with the peaches and cream complexion. But you can definitely achieve a brilliant look and a flawless complexion.

Foundation: It is best to use a foundation that matches your skin tone. Avoid using a shade that is lighter as this will make you look done up. One of the best ways to select an appropriate shade is by trying out various foundations and making your own blend.

Concealer: If you have acne or uneven skin tone, you must use a concealer.

Face Powder: Dust loose face powder over your face and neck with a brush gently. You can carry a compact in your purse for a touch-up.

Hair: This is one of the most important aspects of prom makeup. Braids and buns look great with prom apparel. You can also wear your hair in loose ringlets or curls or leave your tresses absolutely straight.

Fragrance: You can wear your favorite fruity fragrance or blend it with a couple of other fragrances to create your own classic blend.

Prom makeup must-haves:

  • you must carry blotting papers in your purse to get rid of the excessive oil;
  • put in a compact for touching up;
  • add a light lip gloss to your makeup essentials.

With these prom makeup tips you are like to sizzle on the biggest night of your teenage life. Last but not least, carry your confidence and you will glide through the night effortlessly.

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